Carousel Candles-Rotary Candles



$25.00 AUD

Quick Overview

Our silver Carousels, propelled by the heat of a tea light candle, may be small in size but create a little piece of magic! 

These designs celebrate our most treasured native animals which excite the imagination and and bring a sense of fun and wonder to our lives. 

Beautifully packaged(including a tealight) and lightweight, these are a perfect way to cherish time spent down under! 

Size: 16 x 8cm 
ust add a candle to this carousel and the light from the flame will bring back memories of a mob of kangaroos hopping across the horizon in Australia´s outback. Kangaroos have very strong family dynamics and demonstrate very caring and protective behaviour between family members. A matriarchal society, the female adult or doe is quick to administer a sharp slap to out-of-line youngsters, or, by the same token, embrace a female family member with kisses and hugs.